mardi 31 janvier 2012

Noise vol.1

The noise community has put out its first noise compilation! It came out on Zeronoise, download it HERE. Track no.22, "Debunked Media Pieces", is by the OBS project.

Here is the complete list of participants: d0X0, Playing with nuns, 3bc, Ars Sonor, TRANS ATLANTIC RAGE, JARED C. BALOGH, The Finer Points Of Sadism, Zreen Toyz, L.C.B., Tommaso Busatto, The Human Kind, Lezet, MARABUcaribe, Consistency Nature, Bedawang, To Die vs Soda Dosa, Yeah Click Dance Hit, Promageddon Pit, PAINBURN, fabiorosho, nasyid neraka, Obsolète Broadcast Système, Corroded Master

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