mardi 14 août 2012


Hit the dance floor to the flavours of Kongo nationalism. out now on Top of the Flops! Download HERE.

jeudi 9 août 2012

Lobit Music Festival

Out on Sirona Records, The integral of the Lobit Festival, held at Lobith Netherlands. Download it HERE.

Who was there:

Jjoth, Flat Affect, Hertzcanary, Nevzoro inc, The Corporation Killers, Obsolète Broadcast Système, Pogohm, Rainbow Valley, c4, consistency nature & Thomas Baragona, Toxic Chicken, Pollux, Irrlicht Project & Thorsou, alex & Serge Ischenkau (Genetic Brothers), Hlo, Covolux, Microbit Project, The Pink Blob, Sascha Muller, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Clockwork Keyboard, D0x10

dimanche 5 août 2012

Mediatic State

Out on Ukranian label Genetic Trance. Paranoid take on surveillance and media-based societies. Download HERE. Includes Poem No.1 from Pseudonyme Garant.

Track List:

1-The Media Hates You
2-Hack In
3-Debunked Media Piece1
4-Experiment Unknown
5-Debunked Media Piece2
6-Physical Sound Therapy
7-Debunked Media Piece3
8-They Value Harmony Above Equality