lundi 21 juillet 2014

Sirona Records - 3 Years Anniversary Compilation

Obsolète Broadcast Système has a track on the massive 3-years anniversary compilation for Sirona Records, which came out on June 2014. It is the last tack of the last CD (CD 9).

This track, which first aired at the Lobit Festival, appears on this compilation for the first time under its intended title: "Mon Apocalypse".


lundi 12 mai 2014


Megalopolis (03:28)
Haste (01:25)
Shangai Mantra (03:11)
Technate (08:24)

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jeudi 27 février 2014

What is Bydlocore?

Top of the Flops is dead, long live Top of the Flops! However, it now lives through a new entity, called LoBIT. OBS had the honour to have put in item 02, after the magnificent Rainbow Valley:

1. Dancing in the Lobit Graveyard (3:45)
2. This Is Not Bydlocore (2:17)
3. Maybe This Is Bydlocore (6:10)

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Or listen HERE.