under the Club Pocameau moniker
*under the Gloucester & Lauraine C. moniker
Obsolète Broadcast Système otherwise

01.2018: Sélections (DMT Tapes FL)
09.2015: Rendered Useless (self-published)*
12.2014: Carmen and The Faceless Future (L0BIT)
05.2014: Megalopolis (L0BIT)
02.2014: What Is Bydlocore? (L0BIT)
10.2013: Le Portail Du Nucléaire (Tales About Nothing)
03.2013: Bris de Concept (MAV records)
10.2012: Suzeraine (Sirona Records)
08.2012: Mediatic State (Genetic Trance)
08.2012: Ntangu (Top of the Flops)
04.2012: Péninsule (Sirona Records)
03.2012: Space Bar Demo Tunes Volume 2 (Top of the Flops)
11.2011: Space Bar Demo Tunes Volume 1 (Top of the Flops)
10.2011: The Betelgeuse Gateway (Sirona Records)
07.2011: Chicago Engine (Sphicot Records)
06.2011: Dystopie 3014 (Rejected Netlabel)
01.2011: Negociation (Rejected Netlabel)

in Compilations:
06.2014: The 3 Years Anniversary Compilation (Sirona Records)
08.2012: Lobit Music Festival (Sirona Records)
01.2012: World Lobit Tribute to Gagarin (Microbit Records)
01.2012: Noise Vol. 1 (Zeronoize)
04.2011: Chip in: Japan! (True Chip Till Death)

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