dimanche 24 juin 2018

Fidelity Zero compilation

1 May 2018 - Club Pocameau has a track on the latest and biggest vaporwave compilation, out on Night Light Tapes.

mercredi 24 janvier 2018

Sélections by Club Pocameau

Are we doing this? Yes, we are doing this! Further branching of from OBS to put musical exploration styles in proper silos, here is at last another project launch: Club Pocameau. For now, expect more from this project as one of OBS's main gateway to the Vaporwave community.

jeudi 7 janvier 2016

New Projects - Rendered Useless by GLoucester & Lauraince C.

Hi folks, first of all, sorry for such a long idle period on this blog. I am not on a hiatus, and I am not stoping to make music, although I have less time for it because of real life, and also endeavours related to a new hobby, which is analog game design (see Noplug Games).

There is, however, music news to be had. After thinking about it for some time, I’ve decided to split musical outputs under different monikers, in order to compartmentalize the different musical genres I am toying with. Obsolète Broadcast Système will continue to exist, mainly for the stuff which is harder to categorize. Also, no matter what, this blog will still be the place you can come to get acquainted with the outputs of all these projects. I will not be creating new sites for these projects, so stay tuned, here!

So without due, here is a teaser for the Gloucester & Lauraine C. project, which came out a while ago, and is dedicated to harsh minimal techno:

lundi 21 juillet 2014

Sirona Records - 3 Years Anniversary Compilation

Obsolète Broadcast Système has a track on the massive 3-years anniversary compilation for Sirona Records, which came out on June 2014. It is the last tack of the last CD (CD 9).

This track, which first aired at the Lobit Festival, appears on this compilation for the first time under its intended title: "Mon Apocalypse".


lundi 12 mai 2014


Megalopolis (03:28)
Haste (01:25)
Shangai Mantra (03:11)
Technate (08:24)

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